“I Won’t Give Up on Me”

Pagi ini koq gue jadi mellow gini ya..

Gara-garanya pas beres-beres kamar, si Jason Miraz dengan “I won’t give up” lewat di kuping pagi ini, secara tiba-tiba terlintas dalam pikiran “I wish there is someone who won’t give up on me, kaya si miraz itu .. No matter how stubborn I am, no matter how sassy I am and no matter how jealousy I am, someone who can see the real me and how sweet I am behind all those things “.

Ahh.. Anyway.. I don’t want anybody anymore, coz in the end somehow they will give up on me just like them no matter how sweet they are in the beginning …

Now I just want to keep focus on 3 things in life, how to give the best of me for my work place, how to take care of my sister’s daughters and how to prepare my self for my “next life”.

Now cheers up sweety, wipe your tears, up your head, smile, enjoy your life and be positive.

Life is short, boleh lah sekali-kali melow, tp jangan lebih dari 5 menit yaaaaa….

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